Ok, so I’ve been spending a lot of time at home, but haven’t found time to blog. I can see now why so many people blog about blogging, because it’s the foremost thing on their minds … while they’re blogging.

Anyway, I’ve been lazy. Really. Sukie was insisting last night that I was in a funk, but I don’t think that was actually the case.

I think I’m a little overwhelmed with everything I’m learning at work, so much so that my mind is a literal haze of information, and I have to fight my way in and out of conscious thought until this info is finally absorbed. That’s the thing about information – you have to let it sink in – you can’t cram it or force it.

Anyway, did I mention that I’ll be working weekends again? Yeah. Just great. Well, it certainly does give me time to spend with the boy, and that’s great, but I will certainly miss my Sukie time.

theorb and Antigone are coming down this weekend. Usually they have to have a reason to come down, but I think this time it’s because they love us. They want to play Anime Spycraft, which sounds like it might be interesting, but I gotta say, honestly, I don’t think I’m in the mood. Well, I’m not in the mood for a lotta stuff, actually.

I think I might actually make a MTG deck tomorrow. So … yeah!

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