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Last weekend Sukie and I fixed up the garage. And now she’s sorting out her fish treasures for a yard sale, out here in the garage. If you’re a fish nerd, I suggest you stop by and check it out. She has tanks, lights, timers, all kinds of stuff. You could actually probably have a whole set up for under 20 bucks.

Anyway, she had me bring her laptop out here and wanted to know if the wireless would reach out here. It does.

One thing that’s been on my mind today (cause I read it today) is Dracula and Wolfman’s Used Games Emporium. You can read the news of the day for the story behind the name, but it’s a name Gabe just tossed out when asked for a name. It just strikes me as one of those casually brilliant things, and I respect it for the hard work that went in to it. I definitely want Penny Arcade to produce a T-Shirt for said business, which I would definitely buy.

I’m sad that Moab is over and there won’t be any more adventures for like 2 months.

I guess I’ll just go wait in the car. With the windows up.

(No, I won’t, Sukie did relay the message that Shinobi is playing video games tonight. I hope his support crew is keeping him refreshed!)

Well, there you go, blogged from the garage.

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  1. Sarah says:

    HAHA yes i encourage the game playing tonight! LOL.

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