Several years back, while job-hunting, I thought, I have customer service skills and computer skills, I could do technical support for an ISP. So when it came up, I took the job.

During the course of that job I had to work weekends to learn some new skills and move ‘forward’ with my skills.

I eventually (February of this year) am at a weekdays schedule, which I love.

I love getting up on Saturday and cooking pancakes for the family. I love spending time going shopping, watching movies, and just sitting around playing games with the family.

Well, I also wanted to be a Systems Administrator, and now I got offered the chance. I’ve been looking for jobs and this one kind of landed in my lap, but I know from looking at other jobs that this could be a good launching board – it’ll look superb on my resume.

There’s a catch – a super catchy catch – I have to work weekends again (grrrrr.) I did ask my would-be boss how long the weekend situation would go on, and he said it would most likely not go on forever, and there’s a chance that I could trade days with the other guys on the team to take days off when I need to. Basically, it’s a much more flexible system than what I’ve been in.

My loving wife, Sukie, doesn’t want me to take the job. I understand where she’s coming from but I don’t really think she understands how much this means to me. I don’t want to work the same job forever and ever, and even my dream job is going to most likely cut in to our time together, but eventually EVENTUALLY EVENTUALLY I’ll be where I want to be.

So, I have taken the job, but Sukie’s going to hate me for it. I can’t stand when she’s unhappy with me, but I really need to move on with my skills. Basically, if I didn’t take it, I’d eventually have to kill myself for passing up this opportunity. I’m capable of so much, now’s the time to show it!

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