Under the Fair Weather

There’s a strange rash of kid-sickness that has ripped through our tiny community following a recent visit from my eldest brother and his rather sizeable family. My sister’s got strep, her daughter has Scarlet Fever (hope her family makes it to Oregon).

The boy has relapsed in to sore throatness for a second bout and this has canceled our weekend BBQ plans to have many friends over and enjoy the beautiful weather. After several days of snow the air is super clear and I am loving it. But, it wasn’t meant to be 🙁

My last post was too far down a dark corridor for the boy, who promptly felt bad for the ants. The point of it was that I feel bad for the ants to, after recently deciding to become a pacifist, if one can call themselves that after decimating an entire population.

So I’m ready to turn in, buckle up for the weekend, and maybe I’ll even get a working computer put together out of the mess in the basement.

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2 Responses to Under the Fair Weather

  1. Sarah says:

    Sad story. we’ll miss the bbq this weekend but maybe next weekend will be just as good or better. And also the baby shower lol. hope lucas gets better. Oh and if you want a good laugh give me a call and you can hear my cracking voice. Yeah i’m sick too.

  2. Shinobi says:

    I thought the ants post was awesome.

    When I run the world, there will be men in hazmat suits who require proof of vaccination and good health at checkpoints outside every city, that way people who decide to be carriers for any disease will be stopped in their tracks.

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