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When we came home last night we had an invite to a meeting at city hall about a change to the busy intersection near our house … on Monday. Well it will probably mean that the government will take our land (hopefully all of it, we have a large garage that would definitely go but it would drop the price of the property significantly if it were gone.)

It was a big shock to get late at night, and it’s not certain. But I guess the true measure of living a principled life is whether or not you’d make a choice in a given scenario if it you were the one affected. Ultimately, as long as the benefit is clear and lasting, I would not mind … well, I’d try hard not to. I’m not completely sold on the benefit versus cost. I like this place, it’s my home, and it’ll really upset my worldview to have it taken away. For a long time after we moved in I’d just look around at my property and be overwhelmed at how far I’ve come … how far my family had come in about 7 years.

Well I’ve been here for 4 years now and it’s sad if we have to leave but I guess there was a negative to having Bangerter Highway as your back-fence: UDOT may decide that fossil fuels are here to stay and drop a chunk of the state’s money (which the state does not have) on a big project that will take away enjoyable years so some asshole driving an SUV shaves 3-5 minutes off his commute.

So yeah, mixed bag of emotions.

On the other hand, assuming the government buys our property at fair market value, I’ll be able to buy a house in a buyer’s market (which I did not have the benefit of 4 years ago) without having to wait until my house is sold.

So, technically it is a win win, but I think, overall, I’d rather not move.

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2 Responses to Our House, in the Middle of Our Street

  1. Jason says:

    Wow. Good luck.

  2. Shinobi says:

    House shopping is a pain, even in a buyers market. Hope it all works out well.

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