The Weekend VI: Pioneer

– Bomberman 94 is awesome.
– Zombies were not present in 1847 … or were they?
– I won in a kick-war against Frik in Bomberman World Cup.
– That sweet save-n-kick against the Boy.
– Bomberman Ultra (PS3) is not as cool as the Bombermen of yore.
– Fireworks are cool, but I wouldn’t want to have them every weekend.
– Carebear’s Apple Pie is like buttery delicious, with a perfect crust and delicious fruit on the inside. It exceeded the hype.
– 6 sparklers at a time is like trying to tame white hot fire.
– Near completing Assassin’s Creed I. Pretty sure Al Mualim’s voice is Splinter, the rat from Ninja Turtles, so after each sentence he utters, insert a turtle’s name.
– Completed Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape. So far neither of the extra missions have lived up to the original game, but I guess that’s just not doable?
– BBQ’d New York Strip steaks, quite delicious.
– Pepper is eating more, getting super cute!
– Settlers of Catan is best when everyone starts out in an almost equally bad position. (Sheep production was off the charts!)

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  1. Wudan says:

    Ok I cheated and I just checked. It is indeed Splinter from the 1980s Ninja Turtles, which I would have watched a lot of.

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