The Weekend VII

– Had an awesome ‘non-traditional’ baby shower. Was up very late making rice. Well, Sukie made the rice. I was just around.
– Powered by RockStar Cola, unloaded a truck of Striker’s belongings, he now lives in Draper in a nice apartment by IKEA.
– His lovesac is huge.
– crashed for the rest of the day, played games.
– Oh, recently finished Assassin’s Creed (the first in the series.) What a trippy ending to an otherwise completely boring game. The few times the story moves forward are ok (if not as repetitive as the first 95% of the game), but I was ok with that. It sucks there were no trophies, but I was really just playing the first one so I could get to the second game in the series, which I’ve played a bit of.
– Playing Uncharted after finishing Assassin’s Creed makes Uncharted a much better game. Story wise Uncharted is at a much faster pace but the gameplay isn’t as awesome as … say … Resident Evil 5. Post-Assassin-Uncharted is great: you have guns and don’t have to worry about being silent. The pace at which I learned to assault bad guys in Assassin’s Creed really helped out though (the game’s battles go slow if you aren’t always jamming a button: you can win if you are patient, but you can win faster if you are impatient.)
– Played a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, but lost horribly.
– Played Hand and Foot, did okay. Played on a team with Sukie, and did pretty good.
– Pepper’s eye swelled up pretty bad yesterday, though it wasn’t the weekend it was probably weekend related. Here’s a pic of her at the babyshower with her aunt Shy.

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