Annual Chile Verde Night

Well despite Carebear and Frik being out of town, we had our Chile Verde + Board Games night. The chile verde was the best it has ever been, I tend to think this is because it simmered inside a wok this year. Sukie did all the work, LINK and I worked hard to get the homestead in presentable shape.

It was pretty good, we played hand and foot and Zombies!!! mostly, though I am starting not to like Zombies!!! so much. Probably because of those exclamation points on the end of the name there.

We also picked up Toy Story 3 on BluRay, it is a truly epic movie.

Tonight Sukie made a chicken pot pie.

Oh, and UDOT is horrible for allowing contractors to make all kinds of ungodly noise in the middle of the freaking night. Real classy, guys.

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