Food for Thought #1

I’d like to think I live in an imaginary world where the only person who gets shot walking through a bad neighborhood is the person who felt like they might get shot. That somehow, putting that negative thought out to the universe, that negative burst of energy, would somehow attract the wrong sort of attention.

What I’m talking about, of course, are self-fulfilling prophesies. We live in a world of victims, because we plan for being victimized, and in a sense, we encourage it. Ever found yourself, standing in the middle of a train-wreck, saying to yourself, I predicted this? If you already think situation (A) will result in outcome (B), the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The train was wrecked before it left the situation. I think we’re conditioned to see ourselves as victims. Expecting a specific result from a specific action is a rational way of looking at things, isn’t it?

I have a homework assignment for you. Sometime, this weekend, close your eyes and try to ‘capture’ something about that moment. Take that moment for you, and ignore all the outcomes from your ventures. Yes, you’ve got ships out there. Let’s ignore them. Let’s just have a moment where things are not a foregone conclusion. We’ll revisit this in our next session.

Til next time, stop thinking so rationally. Stop being so real. Start being surreal.

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  1. sukie says:

    I’m glad you’re blogging. . . can you do more of it?

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