“Why don’t you just get an X-Box?”

I’m telling you, after hearing that question every day for the last 2 and a half weeks, I was getting pretty annoyed. I seemed like Microsoft had the edge and I was trying to swim against the current.

I persisted, knowing how superior Sony’s PlayStation2 actually was. I was eager to receive it – I waited. Finally, on Friday, it seemed as though it would arrive soon. I waited thoughout the workday for a courier to relay my precious package from our downtown office to the backwoods call center location I work at.

It never came.

So I went home, dejected, but still salivating with anticipation. My boss called me about 20 minutes after I got home to let me know that it had arrived and that I could get it the next day.

So, after I had finished my homework, I went back to my work to pick it up, where, again, my PS2 eluded me. It seems that I would have to wait a bit longer.

The next day I finally got my PS2 and a game. Huzzah! I brought it home on my lunch break, and although I didn’t get to play with it, I was satisfied that it was at home and that I’d get to play it eventually.

When I got home, Sukie had tons of activities planned for us. Grrrrreat. So, it wasn’t until 9pm that I unpacked my PS2, hooked it up, powered it up, and tried to open the DVD slot.

Poof – NOTHING. Click click grind grind.

Sony needs the Bill of Sale to do anything – which I don’t have, so it goes back up through my work, and we’ll see how that shit goes.


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