Well, ok, so there went the weekend. It was ok, I guess. I did my homework (ok, not all of it) and programmed, and hung out with friends.

We saw The Incredibles. The movie was almost ruined because every time Mr Incredible spoke, I recognized his voice, but couldn’t place it. I knew the voice was from a funny sitcom and I could picture the character yelling at a female character, but I couldn’t place it. Well, it turns out it was Craig T Nelson, star of TVs “Coach”. Go figure.

Anyway, I found that out LATER. After the movie we got a call that my Mom’s car had broken down in Orem of all places. So we haulled our little family down there and I packed up tools and water to make the trek, and it turns out that we didn’t need them. I’m ok with that, I rode back in my mom’s car and Amy got a Krispy Kreme donut for me which I didn’t eat at all.

I’m really worried about putting on additional poundage for this holiday season, since the things I love to eat are very very fattening. I don’t like hearring about it though – so don’t chide me for chugging egg nog like some kind of nog-aholic. It’s good, damnit.

On Saturday morning I made a Dutch Baby Pancake, which I might argue was a delicious and tasty treat. I’m more than willing to make one again since it was easy as pie and tasted oh so good. Think of it as a delicious omelet that tastes like french toast.

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