I made a Carrot Cake from scratch. FROM SCRATCH. I swear to god I could do a headstand and nobody would give a good goddamn. Me, a 200+ lb man, doing a headstand.

Maybe it’s because I think a lot of the things I do are a big deal, when the rest of y’all don’t. I also taught myself how to use a complex programming language – how do you like that?

Ok, I haven’t mastered it. Anyway. The cake was good, I thought. I even made Cream Cheese Frosting from scratch. It was the piece de resistance, in my own humble oppinion.

I took the digital camera to work today. I had a premonition, I think. On the way to work I saw the biggest, most clear rainbow I have ever seen, ever. It was a full rainbow, coming up from behind the airport and landing downtown. Of course, rainbows don’t work like that, it’s a physical/optical phenomenon, but it’s still cool.

With the camera stowed in my backpack, in the passenger seat next to me, I was worried that I might not be able to capture this natural phenomenon before the water particles suspended in the air decided if they were going up or down, so I began to open my backpack with my right hand while driving 55+mph with the other. I did get the camera out and snapped a picture while driving. Of course, I think that picture is not cool enough, but it is kinda cool since it’s a pic that I took while I was driving. You’ll see it when I get it posted. Lucky for me, I did not die 🙂

I am determined to make the most use of my digital camera before I buy additional memory. I so often find myself seeing cool things and wanting to take pictures, but always not having a camera – now I’ve got one.

I almost forgot to mention, I got the camera for Christmas, from Sukie. For a devout atheist, Sukie is an extremely giving person. She’s a fairly interesting conundrum – she also has very little family, (until she married me, anyway) but family is very important to her.

Dax, theorb77 and I got my mom a computer. Dax and Orb did most of the contributing, I reckon. I have a cool picture of my parent’s reaction when they saw it, because they both went in to the kitchen and came in to the living room together. My dad has a funny look on his face 😛

My mom was telling me they’d put the computer in my old room. I just realized there’s like 5 bedrooms at my parent’s house and I’ve lived in 3 of them at one time or another. It’s the upstairs room, so my poor mom won’t have to walk up those horrid stairs so much. Once Orb and Antig get their own place, I’m guessing sometime in 2005, the OTHER room up there can be clearred out and made in to a guest room and that back bedroom will probably be something of a ‘study’ for my mom – there’s a bed in there now, but once it’s out she could probably even put quilt stands up in there.

When I snuck in to my mom’s house to arrange her stocking she caught me and we had a nice chat. I made the assertion that the winners of this Holiday season are Dax and Sukie, and it’s true, they are the biggest givers.

Oh and a HUGE thanks to Dax for Sukie’s Birthday Present – man, Pikmin 2 is so bad-ass that it makes Dennis Rodman look like Karl Malone. Of course, Malone’s been in LA for a season and a half now, so he probably is starting to go that way. Nasty mess, that LA.

I’ve been pondering what my next baking attempt should be – the carrot cake and the dutch babies were both so cool and turned out well enough that I want to try something else now.

Did I mention that the cake took a very long time to make? Mostly because I had to substitute almost every tool for something else – the original recipe called for using a fairly large food processor for every stage. A hand held mixer and a small chopper worked well enough, I’d wager 🙂

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