So my son has the Chicken Pox. He’s handling it like a real trooper 🙂

theorb77 hung out with us last night and we watched Super Troopers. The movie just felt like it was lacking something. Overall, the premise of ‘something bad is going to happen if we don’t do something soon’ inevitably leads to something bad happening, and the protagonists of the story coming through at the end to save the day! Wowzers! Without all the adult jokes, it could have been the plot of a Disney movie – it kind of had a cheesy, half-baked feel to it that is reminiscent of any of those Disney live action, made for kids because kids aren’t hyper-critical of cheesy performances.

So I’ve been trying to play WarCraft III lately. Trying is the keyword here. I have realized that I am over-analyzing the entire thing, but I can’t really just thing strategically. The whole thing is basically just preparing to stop the waves of attacks while at the same time plotting a wave of attack that won’t be countered.

I have tried to get ‘good’ at WC3 before, but I have always failled – but the fact that some people are actually good at WC3 propels me to beleive that it is not an impossible task.

Oh by the way, new layout! I updated it a few days ago.

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