Ok, so it has been a few days. I had a good run o’ blogging and now you’re worried that Wudan is back to his old, non-blogging habits.

While I reserve the right not to update, I must warn you, I had a 3 day weekend, and sitting around with Sukie always takes precedence.

We didn’t make it to the Auto Expo like we had planned. I was kind of psyched to take some pictures. I even took Jabba to get his hair cut. We even planned on going this morning, but didn’t make it 🙁

Oh well, don’t fret.

theorb77, Sukie, Daxero, Antigone, Krispy, Meryl, Yoshi, Jabba, and myself went bowling Thursday night. We found that there weren’t going to be lanes open til later, so ate at the Dragon Diner and then went bowling later.

The fad that these bowling places have is that they’ll play music and use black lights later on in the evenings. The first place I heard of doing this was at the not so FunDome, now just a big, stupid looking, run down building.

Anyway, bowling was not so great. But it had it’s moments.

Bowling, I guess, is a geeky enough sport to bring out the bloggers. At least Yoshi is good at it 🙂

Daxero got a strike. When theorb77 was up, the ball was about 2/3rds of the way down the lane when Daxero said, “He’s got one now.” Which, he did – theorb77, not a fantastic bowler, had just bowled a strike. Quite convinced that I could also get a strike, I bowled and got one as well. I thought it was pretty cool. Yoshi also got a strike, but he’s a better bowler than the rest of us, so it’s not like … a miracle that he knocked some pins down or anything.

The rest of the weekend was fairly boring. We ate out too much, were lazy too much, but got week 1 of our 8 week semester out of the way.

I’m completely unmotivated by school right now. I didn’t expect these classes to be cakewalks or anything, but I don’t really feel challenged. Maybe if I wanted challenge I’d have taken Statistics with Sukie, lol. Fat fricking chance. I’m done with that class and I’ll stay that way 🙂

When registration comes up for next semester I’ll have to make an appointment to have my credits checked for graduation. I still have plenty of semesters before summer so if I need something it can easily be taken care of 🙂

Sukie’s blog has a new look, it’s incomplete, like mine. I have a plan though, on how to make it super easy for me to change layouts. Of course, you’ll all have to use Firefox, like me. I was reluctant to use Firefox at first, but since switching I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in the ammount of shit my computer has to put up with.

Way to go, Microsoft, you produced yet another peice of bloatware. Amazing.

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