In a word: TSUNAMI.

Scooting in to the final weeks of school was rough, it seemed like things were moving too fast and out of control, and I just feel shitty. Sukie said it was like a tsunami of junk coming at us.

As soon as I’d submitted my mediocre final exam for my last business class, I thought it was over. Then I looked at theorb77’s blog this am – and I never read blogs at home!

I’m sorry if I seemed disconnected from the tragedy, theorb77 – I guess I was pretty numb to bad news. Even Sukie leaving her job feels like bad news to me, though she’ll be making more money. It’s the change that scares me.

I always try to look up but I just feel down 🙁

I find that making plans helps me through the sullen drab of life – so here’s a plan: on Thursday or Friday we’ll BBQ at my house, watch some high quality Lost episodes, and discuss over ice cream! How’s that for relaxing? Sounds pretty damn good to me.

theorb77, hang in there bro, don’t let ’em phase you.

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