Well, I’m whittlin’ through my last bit of homework today, then I’ll be A-O-K for a while. I just have to test out of some dumb classes and I’ll have my Associates, muahahahaha.

Sukie’s good news has renewed my beleif that I should keep going to school. She has this thing where she gets really mad if I mention that she is making more money than me, but it’s true that she is and now we all know it.

I got paid today, it wasn’t that much though, since I get paid for half a month and February is a short, short month.

Lucas got all green cards in school, which is shorthand for saying he got new Legos. He had wanted some twenty dollar sets and I said that my limit was ten, and if he wanted more we’d have to go home without any legos and just count what we had not spent as money saved for new Legos. There was some cool stuff that caught my eye, like a mini-walking Wolverine, or things like Resident Evil X, and Resident Evil: Outbreak, of which Resident Evil X was only ten bucks. Sadly, I just walked away since I can’t bring myself to spend money.

That said, I didn’t seem to have any problems spending what money I do have. I should have bought a computer when I had money to, but now I don’t have money to buy a computer.

I did get my iBook back, thanks Apple. I’m frustrated that you made an inferior product, but glad that you paid to have it fixed, even though the warranty is up. I love OS X though, and might even be persuaded to get a Mac Mini, I know I’m looking strongly at an iBook G4. I don’t know what it is about Macintosh, but they’ve got my attention.

Sukie, congratulations on your new job 🙂

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