Sukie’s thing that must go

So I guess you could say things started to get ugly last night when I got home from work. A good buddy of mine was over for a visit, playing The Simpson’s: Road Rage with Sukie. Fun aside, we stayed up til the wee hours eating Monster Fries and playing video games. No problems there, right?

In the morning, I woke to Jabba’s bloody nose and we pinched it off, but I wasn’t sure so I was screaming at Sukie to come to the bathroom and double-check to make sure I was doing things right. Bloody noses aside Sukie went back to bed and I got up and played some more video games until Sukie woke up a little before 10 and then she was playing video games, too. We got a heads-up from theorb77 and Antigone that we should all have hot dogs for lunch, so we planned that up.

My friend took off for home and I got in to a little tiff about starting the coals and then leaving them whilst we went to WalMart to purchase stuff for the cookout. We got some needed drinks from StarBucks and good, joyous supplies at WalMart but our Debit Card refused to work, so we ended up leaving empty handed. I, of course, was less than pleased with the situation, and snapped at Amy when she asked me if I was ok.

I’m an incompetent moron, a fact that is roughly reinforced by the fact that I’m married to someone who’s supercompetent. Jabba behaved very adult-like (as he often does) and took me aside and told me that I shouldn’t be stressed out right now.

Well, the short of the story is that Sukie is pretty much fed up with dealing with my many (many, many) flaws. She deals with more than any of you know, and I really can’t blame her for being waaaay past done with me.

Sukie, I really am sorry for being the way I am, I hope that you can forgive me.

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  1. sukie80 says:

    I forgive you!

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