… and the living’s easy.

This weekend Sukie, Theorb77, Striker, Jabba and myself set out for the far reaches of Utah, in a place called Delta. It’s about 140 miles from Salt Lake City, and a fair distance from a great many other things as well. That might sound bad to some of you, but to me, that’s a good thing.

When we got there we still didn’t know where we were going, so we knocked on the door of an empty house and then backpedalled and found the right house. Once there we grilled up some delicious bratwursts, marvelled at the extreme leetness of my uncle’s place (after all, it is the tradition of my people) and then were coerced in to riding on inflated tubes, pulled by a motorboat.

Everyone wanted Sukie to go first, they all coaxed her, and it was with no small ammount of pleasure that I watched her attempt it, even though she was terrified, because she can’t swim. She did good, and it was fun, so I went next. The advice I was given for getting in to the tube was to straddle the tow-cable and drop my bottom straight back in to the tube, and I damn near went over backwards – whoops! Theorb77’s ride was definitely the best – he was up in the air on that tube about 5 feet!

Anyway, after that we pitched tents on some of the driest, hardest ground on this earth. It was definitely not comfortable. Jabba did not go to sleep very easily, but eventually tired and went to sleep. It felt like I just blinked a few times, and suddenly I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up.

Apparently it was 6:15am. Anyway, Saturday featured Jared’s second run, Striker went with. Jabba (on the far left – Sukie, theorb77, and Striker in the forefront) went in the tubes for a second time – it was cool because he didn’t even express any fear or apprehension about going in the water.

Striker fell out twice! On the way home we saw the great Mt. Nebo, and an 18 wheeler pilotted by Captain Kirk.

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2 Responses to Summertime

  1. anniemouselee says:

    nice pics… just wish the ones on the tubes were more distinguishable

  2. theorb77 says:

    I can make out the back of my head.

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