Achey Breakey … Son of a … !

Yesterday after Lucas and I made it to page 111 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I sat down to play some WolfenStein: Enemy Territory while Sukie studied for her test. As the body count rose, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter until I had to exit and lie down. Soon, my body felt like it was on fire 🙁 Eventually I felt so achey and unpleasant that I knew that I’d have to go see a doctor today.

Oh I did, but forgot that I have new insurance, since July. So the nice lady behind the desk informed me that I didn’t have insurance, and then I realized (after about 3-4 minutes of seriously freaking out) that I did have insurance, and that my new card was in my wallet. Gee, that’s fantastic.

So they took us (Sukie and myself) to a room and asked me questions about my symptoms, and I was only getting worse. I would get really nauseous and I needed to breathe, so I was sitting there in my own private hell while the doctor came in, recognized Sukie and appologized for the delays, then came to shake my hand and saw how pale I was and kinda freaked out a bit.

Well long story short, I did get to feeling better, and here I am blogging. But not before the 8 hours or something of napping and feeling like I was going to dump the contents of my stomach every 20 minutes or so.

My allergies make me build a nest for bacteria and virii, the kind that a 12 hour binge of Dr Mario can’t eliminate – and this causes an infection in my sinuses which only furthers the problem.

My hero of the day is my sister-in-law Antigone, who picked up Jabba from school. Antigone’s just been such an awesome sister-in-law and friend – she’s done so much for me and my family, I will find a way to thank her (thank goodness it’s Christmas – hehehe!)

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