Achey Breakey … Son of a … !

Yesterday after Lucas and I made it to page 111 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I sat down to play some WolfenStein: Enemy Territory while Sukie studied for her test. As the body count rose, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter until I had to exit and lie down. Soon, my body felt like it was on fire 🙁 Eventually I felt so achey and unpleasant that I knew that I’d have to go see a doctor today.

Oh I did, but forgot that I have new insurance, since July. So the nice lady behind the desk informed me that I didn’t have insurance, and then I realized (after about 3-4 minutes of seriously freaking out) that I did have insurance, and that my new card was in my wallet. Gee, that’s fantastic.

So they took us (Sukie and myself) to a room and asked me questions about my symptoms, and I was only getting worse. I would get really nauseous and I needed to breathe, so I was sitting there in my own private hell while the doctor came in, recognized Sukie and appologized for the delays, then came to shake my hand and saw how pale I was and kinda freaked out a bit.

Well long story short, I did get to feeling better, and here I am blogging. But not before the 8 hours or something of napping and feeling like I was going to dump the contents of my stomach every 20 minutes or so.

My allergies make me build a nest for bacteria and virii, the kind that a 12 hour binge of Dr Mario can’t eliminate – and this causes an infection in my sinuses which only furthers the problem.

My hero of the day is my sister-in-law Antigone, who picked up Jabba from school. Antigone’s just been such an awesome sister-in-law and friend – she’s done so much for me and my family, I will find a way to thank her (thank goodness it’s Christmas – hehehe!)

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6 Responses to Achey Breakey … Son of a … !

  1. anniemouse lee says:

    hope you get to feeling better

  2. Meryl says:

    It’s really great That Antigone could (and would) Do that for you.

    I don’t remember you saying thank you to mom though, for all the times she did stuff for you and Jabba.

  3. sukie80 says:

    Meryl – I don’t remember you ever being there when we did say ‘thank you’ to canoe.

  4. theorb77 says:

    I’ve been there when Wudan and Sukie said thanks.

  5. Annonymous X says:

    meryl, how about you have concern for your brothers health? instead of trying to bust his balls on if he said he was thankful to his mom for helping out? If he asked you to help, I bet you wouldnt. let me guess… spoiled little sister? point is… dont always have to thank family… really pretty bitchy thing you said there… if my brother was sick like that, id be more worried about his health. i wouldnt be worried about bringing up personal family stuff on HIS blog. Atleast could have saved that for the phone or in person. Trying to make him look bad? Get a life and dont be all wrapped up in your brothers business and if he says thanks to your mom… or if he doesnt. Let her and him deal with it. Like some goddamn child running to tattle on the other sibling… grow up!

  6. Meryl says:

    I don’t know who you are, or what you think you know. Just as much as that wasn’t my business (which I have admitted to Wudan and Sukie in private, as well as apologized for) this “annonymous x” isn’t any of yours. My issues with my siblings are not your business.

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