The Grande Tour

This holiday season brings with it a renewal of an old family tradition – insanity.

On thursday Sukie and I will be making the grande tour, but the real treat will be a solid day of shop-til-you-drop-then-shop-as-a-zombie the very next day. I think I’ll be having extra shots of espresso that day.

I’d like to play some RISK on Thursday morning (since I’ll be free.) Y’all need to make that happen. I’ll bring chips!

:edit: In addition – theorb77 and myself will be sitting down to crank out some gameplay mechanics for a hybrid RPG/tabletop game. I’m keen on taking some of the nerdy ‘edge’ off of RPG and working out interaction mechanics (something that’s been loose in previous RPG sessions), which hopefully will help to create a new kind of gameplay.:/edit:

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