putting the ‘Cat’ in Educate

Man I’ve been in a pissy mood lately. Probably because there’s a new episode of LOST tonight and I won’t get to see it. We do seem to be made to suffer.

By the way, I’ll be at school every night of the week for the next 8 weeks.

My Katamari music obsession (just ask Sukie about my Katamari dance) led me to search for downloads of Japanese music, but really, I don’t expect much from Japanese music, though I like music for video games and anime 🙂 Oh wait, that is the entirety of Japanese music, isn’t it?

I was able to track down my coding sensei and master, Trimbo, who’s requested that I give him a shout-out 🙂 Without him, I’d probably be a depressed, helpless, listless moron. He was never rude or unkind in all the time I was learning from him, which is a feat. Thanks to him and this here Internet, I’ve learned so much over the last 3+ years.

I lurked in the #movie_battles IRC channel today and really enjoyed mixing it up with those guys. Some of the guys recognized me (as I’m a mini-celebrity down in the little pond of Jedi Academy coding,) which I’m always amazed at how many people are familiar with my work. Back in the day (way back) I was using IRC a lot more, but everyone I know from IRC is all gone away, just a few holdouts remain.

A great guy named Tr3b is also working on a Quake3 engine, and he implemented something cool in Quake3 today: deluxe-mapping. He did it some time ago and is familiar with it, but today he and some mappers were working on it. Well, it’s just awesome. Oh, and I need a better video card.

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