February Denial

It’s insane what a good song “The Denial Twist” by the White Stripes is, I like songs that have a sense of lyrical bizarreness and plain old Wudan style funkiness.

February was a cold month and I woke in a fit more often than not. It sets in that soon I’ll have been married for 7 years and soon I’ll have a 7 year old and soon I’ll have just a few short years left in my twenties.

I blogged but twice for the entire duration of February and this is number 3, with February now over in the Eastern Time Zone, I am glad that March is on it’s way, my school work for this semester is pretty much over except for a Final in my English class.

Screw ’em.

So to you, the truth is still hidden
And the soul plays the role of a lost little kitten but
You should know that the dark is one kitten?
She’s been singing it all along

But you were hearin’ a different song
Ya you were hearin’ a different song
But you were hearin’ a different song

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4 Responses to February Denial

  1. theorb77 says:

    I think I’ll go back and listen to that song.

  2. berserk says:

    It is a pretty cool song.

    I’ve also been thinking about my age a lot more than usual lately. For me, it’s because I’m starting my carreer over again when I’m almost 30.

  3. Carolyn says:

    30? You are old…

  4. berserk says:

    Yeah, but you being the second sibling to get married has promoted you. You are now older than Chaelomen.

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