The Ides Have It

Well, here we are, the Ides of March. I was pointing out to Sukie that this time of year has historically been a timultuous time of year for us, from as far back as pre-marriage times. 7 years ago, at this time of year, Sukie and I got engaged (it’s not a very good story, I’m afraid.)

But still, today I am flying high (thanks, James Blunt), because yesterday I removed a rather annoying stumbling block from my Krakatoa engine (it’s Q3 based) which had vexed me for some time, and, well, with any large and difficult problem, when it’s fixed, you just feel damn good.

A lot of you have given me shit for not blogging so much. Well, for one, this pre-spring time is a time of deep reflection for me. Don’t ask why, maybe springtime just makes me realize that another damn year has gone by.

If I followed that train of thought further, my blog might sound a bit more like theorb77’s. If you want that kind of self-mutilating depressing stuff, well, theorb77 is linked on the right hand side.

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