Sometimes things feel especially crummy, and a particular song plays on the radio and it just makes you feel better.

I’ve been dealing with a particularly heinous brand of pickled responsibility at my work and it has made my blood curdle. Oh, and I think it’s been causing my insomnia that has so disturbed my sleep.

Well, X96 DJ/Programming Director Todd Nukem played “Beautiful World” by Devo today, and damnit if that isn’t a good song. It just put me in a better mood.

So in recent history, Antigone’s brother Michael graduated High School, Jabba (or is it Wolverine?) had a bad ass birthday party, thanks to Sukie’s awesome planning, and I had a really good time hanging with my family last weekend. (MEN!)

So, life is feeling 110% better. And I’m looking forward to camping with my family, and my family reunion 🙂

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5 Responses to Insomniac

  1. anniemouse lee says:

    only the men? :-s

  2. Antigone says:

    No kidding. What about the WOMEN!???

  3. Wudan says:

    It was a reference to the game of Apples to Apples we played. It was fun 🙂

  4. theorb77 says:


  5. theorb77 says:

    Why didn’t I think of that!

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