Why I don’t blog

It’s been a long time, blogging has been hard to do since I pretty much have next to no interest in putting my thoughts on here.

In the past month, we’ve had a number of times to gather the family and hang out, which has been fun, and again I must state that I’m really looking forward to the family reunion in a week and a half. I have threatened to take video footage of theorb when he is most juiciest, because I think he’s more loveable when he’s far from his major causes of stress and unhappiness. Last year he went in a pretty pissy mood but thawed out enough to enjoy his own juiciness.

I really liked seeing him feel better, because when people around you are having fun, you get this residual good feeling of overall goodness (RGFOOG). Frankly, I look forward to seeing as many siblings towed around on an inner tube as possible. Theorb, however, is more aerodynamically shaped and therefore can go higher than the rest of us.

I’ve got tons of time off, too, for the week leading up to that fateful weekend, which is good, because it’ll give me more time to work on my own projects.

Well, that’s a blog entry. I’m out.

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