One Man’s Trash

So I spent Friday assessing what computer parts I have as well as what I can put together. Summed up, I got a nice haul from a dumpster down the street from where I work. I drove by today but apparently the well of goodness has dried up. That’s fine with me, I got my share of the haul. I’m not crazy either, as I’ve driven by the same dumpster only an hour after I’ve picked over it and found guys dressed much nicer than me picking through it.

I put together an hard-drive, DVD drive, mobo, proc, vid card, LAN card, and audio mixer card I already have to build my first Linux box. It took much longer than I thought it would because (a) I couldn’t find my Breezy Badger install disc; and (b) I first tried using a former X-Box hard-drive.

Whoops, you have to do some flashy firmware flashiness stuff to those hard-drives. No matter, they are only 10 Gig, no wonder they weren’t being used. I imagine putting them all in a striped raid array, just for kicks. I thought I might use them before, but then I cracked open a rather heavy cube shaped server and found 4 identical 80 Gig HDs. Nice. Nice. So very, very nice.
So basically, once i had downloaded and installed Ubuntu 6.06 (aka Dapper Drake), it has been fun to learn to use it (just imagine that your entire OS looks like gAIM.) Jabba wanted to use my computer so I let him, he sat down, looked at the screen, turned and said to me, “What did you do to your computer?”

“That’s Linux.” His jaw dropped and slowly turned to face the perplexing screen again. (Firefox was up, so it was kind of familiar.)

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2 Responses to One Man’s Trash

  1. Carolyn says:

    hehe…. was it a good jaw drop or a bad jaw drop?? I didn’t use gaim until I started using Ubuntu, so that comparison doesnt’ work for me. Although I thought it looked very similar to mac OSX. But more user friendly for a regular Windows user.

  2. theorb77 says:

    I’m very excited about Ubuntu, I think it’s really positioned to take off in a big way.

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