Grueling Pace

Tonight I was given the chance to work on one of my many projects, or, for added fun, take a trip to Draper with my honey Sukie and get some saltwater aquarium rocks to seed our large 75 gallon saltwater tank. Oh me oh my, I chose door number 2 and we trekked on out to what should only be described as the Salt Lake Valley’s nether-regions.

As the old story goes, hilarity ensued. Not only did I keep working myself up to being angry at not having PRECISE coordinates (though we had a map that was pretty much useless unless the directions to the location were followed (which they weren’t)) I tried to keep cool under the mounting annoyance that so many of my evenings are spent on fruitless endeavors and so many of my days are spent engaged in working for ‘the man’.

After all the chips were down, we gave up, and I had a delcious peanut-butter and chocolate chip shake out of the deal (too many shakes give Wudan the shakes!) Tip to all you hip young kids: ask Jabba (the boy) to say, “You’re Welcome.” It’s an excercise in hilarity. 100 points to your house if you get what Jabba is refering to.

I’ve decided to try to blog more often, since so much of life is worth noting. I usually run in to someone, and tell them about the things I would blog about, and then never blog about them. How much of life is wasted away, talking to you people, when I could fill my blog with volumes of witty insight and clever observation?

I was thinking today about the fragile anatomy of contra-culture, especially since in my estimation, EMO culture was most likely originated as a contra-culture. Once it gains notoriety, it is subject to duplication and therefore, is no longer a contra-culture. The truly beautiful things in life are not apt to be things that are brought before you, such as the TV is a passive educator and its experiences cheapened by the fact that you had to do nothing to experience them, except sit and watch.

On that note, The Office returns September 21st (and probably My Name is Earl, as well) as does Gray’s Anatomy. I’ve watched both seasons of Gray’s, but I don’t think I’ve learned anything. Oh, except maybe that surgeons might have lives more complex than the minions of a certain Orange County.

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2 Responses to Grueling Pace

  1. Antigone says:

    Are you dissing on The O.C.????

  2. Wudan says:

    Yes. The OC isn’t back til November, and is only back for 16 episodes. I’m smelling the stench of a Fox exec’s filthy hand over the ‘Cancel’ button.

    Stay back, knave! The OC is cleverly written with gripping storylines!

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