Jericho Fodder

Often times, when the good folks in Television portray computer use they don’t use actual footage of the OSs’ interface, for some reason or another.
While watching last nights Jericho, the mysterious character Robert Hawkins is using a laptop to converse with his co-conspirators and the background of his laptop displayed what looked like a disclaimer, with phrases like “interest of Mackay or any third party” on it.

Well, it turns out that’s an actual page, which I find slightly amusing. Shows like LOST have ruined my eyes, I see too much now! It looks to me like it’s an actual company, not a fake-easter-egg-fan-service site, like those clever writers at LOST would toss at me.

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  1. berserk says:

    I cna’t be all that surprised that TV land doesn’t accurately portray computer use. I used to like cop shows, but I have a hard time watching most of them now.

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