The Slow Burning Death of Intellect

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has to be one of the most well written and entertaining shows I have ever seen. It’s an entertaining peice of television that has a full-bodied taste that won’t slow you down. It confronts the problems and divisions in American culture, and most importantly, it makes you think. That’s what good TV does.
We live in an age where people are afraid to confront the problems we have created. Wars, debt, obesity, outsourcing, and the overall dissatisfaction and hopelessness we have inherited as a consequence to allowing our core values to be squandered away.

We have allowed our perceptions to become easily smudged and rewritten, to the point that we don’t trust anything but a biased and slanted view. We have come to expect and demand anything but the truth.

The show itself continues to lose viewers. It is the kind of show we should want to see, and it loses more viewers every week.

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  1. Antigone says:

    I like the show, too. However, I’m kind of losing interest because there doesn’t seem to be any real conflict. Sure, there’s the relationship with Matt and Hariette but for some reason I don’t feel too invested in them having a relationship, or not even. There’s also the conflict with the Amanda Peet character, whom I’m the most interested in for some reason, and her ex-husband’s publicity stunts but she doesn’t really seem to be bothered by it.

    I guess I’m just looking for more drama. There must not be enough in my life.

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