Drive Madness

So a couple of days ago I came home to find my PC stuck in OS-load limbo, just sitting there telling me XP is loading. It never came. Attempts to boot to safe mode were met with the BSOD, and the windows recovery console scan froze at 51%. Disk diagnostics weren’t conclusive, which wasn’t sitting well with me.

I had backed up a good deal of data and tried to install Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) and when it was trying to set up the partitions it came back negatory, 😮 ! I have hard drives to spare but none as cool as my 250 gig SATA drive. (Sukie and I have nearly identical specs).

So I says to myself, it’s time to try to just format the thing, if formatting fails, you have one messed up drive. It didn’t fail, and after that it has installed Ubuntu just fine. There certainly was a cause to my problems, but I don’t care so much now that I’ve scrubbed it from existence, and I’ve had no problems since.

I blame a few things:

1. I had never done any drive maintenance.

2. I kept my computer on ALL the time. I will probably still do this in the future.

My sound still doesn’t work though 🙂

(Update!) I got Ubuntu working with Beryl/Emerald (latest incarnation of Compiz) it’s some damn sugary sweet UI goodness. I thought I posted this yesterday but it just saved it. So here’s posting!

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2 Responses to Drive Madness

  1. theorb77 says:

    zomg teh compiz si teh HAWTNESS


  2. berserk says:

    I’m just smiling and nodding right now.

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