I ran out of screws

But my workbench stands anyway, maybe a few screws short.  I was supposed to be waterproofing the frame for our aquarium stand, but somehow that didn’t seem appropriate work, since I wouldn’t be able to call it finished when I was done for the day.

I didn’t want to remember today as a day I didn’t get anything done.  I wanted to run in to that garage and make a dreamcatcher, as it were.  I understand, that in our modern mythos, the garage is man’s fortress of solitude – a place where he can go to just be a man – to forge and strengthen himself.

I’ll admit I went to the garage with bitter, unhappy thoughts.  My garage is messy right now, with a dozen or more unfinished projects, littering it.  Things to be done, this is why we exist, isn’t it?

Well, I put together a nice enough work bench, it’s almost 7 feet long and almost 3 feet from front to back.  I have a smaller formica counter-top that I got for free and I’m thinking I should make a TV cart to go with my free TV.  That way I can work on projects and watch TV, or just hang out.

I also envision getting a free to reasonably priced surround sound receiver and putting speakers throughout my garage, and then it will be a true fortress of solitude.

Sukie asked me today what saw I would get next.  The only other thing I think I’d need to do would be to cut large peices of plywood (could do it with a jigsaw, but that is a PAIN to cut a straight line over any real distance), what kind of saw do I need for that?

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