Day of the Pioneers

It’s been one year now that Sukie and I have had this house.

Today I celebrated that fine moving day by moving my bosses bosses boss’s office to a bigger office. Oi!

I break a sweat at the drop of a hat these days. It’s really ridiculous.

I used Sysprep to prepare an unattended set up of Windows Xp today. We use Sysprep a lot, but weren’t sure how to get the set up automated. I did it, and now it’s only a matter of minutes from out of the box and on the desktop. I’d really love to get enough time saving measures in place so I can actually complete some of the broader scope projects that have been tasked to me. I almost never talk about work on here, and now you see why. It’s pretty dull to talk about.

So last night Sukie and I had a bit of a row about Monopoly. Basically I wouldn’t deal and she got upset and I got upset and we both got upset about how upset we had made each other. I was employing a strategy I’ve used before where I just buy as much damn stuff as possible. I know you’re saying to yourself, doesn’t everybody do that?, but the strategy falls apart once somebody else has a monopoly. When another player has a monopoly, they probably were more frugal with their purchases and will be able to upgrade their lots, which you will then land on, and since you spent all your money, guess what happens? So you cave and deal. UNLESS – you happen to own at least one property from each group and REFUSE to deal. Then you are like walmart – you may not have the clear ownership of the whole damn board, but you sure as shit own enough to collect the goddamn rent from every Tom Dick and Sally in the game.

So I bought down to nothing, then I mortgaged just so I could buy some more, and was able to unmortgage properties later. It was sweet, I was collecting rent so often I was back in the black and getting paid. Well, that just pissed off the other players, Sukie being one of them.

Really, if I wanted to play like that I could have gone on for another 8 hours or so, IF I was able to stonewall for that long. I had 14 properties at one point! I don’t know how many there are that you can buy off the top of my head, but 14 is ludicrous. I would have eventually made some deals, but Sukie being mad made me feel HORRIBLE for my tactics, and she felt horrible for being mad, and we were just crummy from then on.

And that’s why she’s giving up Monopoly.

Or is she?

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  1. anniemouse lee says:

    your taking so long to blog. I found something you said. Have to laugh cause now we have it. He He.
    (The other day we were all sitting around at my parents checking our blood pressure (ok, we need a gamesystem in the living room or something! what a LAME activity) and my blood pressure is a little high .)
    You said that a couple of years ago. Who knew that would come to pass.

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