Well, ok, so it’s been 8 days since my last entry. Did you miss me? I thought not.

Well, a lot happened in the last week – Dax’s birthday, Lucas’ birthday, I think I finally have stopped watching Days of Our Lives, and I’ve tried to focus on finishing one of my programming projects, a gameplay modification for the somewhat-of-a-dud Jedi Academy.

It is definitely superior to it’s predecessor, Jedi Knight 2, but isn’t different enough to warrant the $50 purchase when it is noticeably similar to Jedi Knight 2.

There was a contest at a site I frequent, to vote for your favorite Jedi Knight 2 mods, which I had nothing up for the contest, because, in my … 3 and a half years or so of making mods for this particular series, I haven’t actually completed and released a mod … at all.

In fact, when I tell people that I’m really in to graphics programming and graphics mathematics, it’s kind of embarassing that I don’t have anything that kicks ass to show them – nothing that’s complete anyway.

But it’s really my fault. For my flagship project, Dragon, I chose to write my own UI system, and my own texture loading system, didn’t want to use an external library for math and math conversions, and generally was going about it in a very industrious and, I am told ‘Unix’ manner (I hope SCO doesn’t come after me for my use of the word Unix in this post.)

I have several projects that are being worked at, I have only completed very tiny tiny small ones. I know my work is good, but it never reaches the maturity state that I’d like it to.

This is because I’m a perfectionist – it’s not enough that the program works, it has to inspire wonderment at the same time.

I’m trying to take a much saner approach to my mod, and make enough drastic changes NOW so that I can tweak to balance when the maturity phase comes.

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