I can see tomorrow

I can see the world to come

I can see tomorrow

Hear the pandemonium

This lyric, by Killing Joke, was written, most assuredly, after (or perhaps during) a visit to Walmart.

Go visit one. You’ll understand, that America, though seemingly detached from an imagined hell-on-earth, is not really that far off. I ponder these things as I scoot my little basket of items among the isles, trying to get through the masses scrambling to save a goddamn nickel on whatever the Gods of Walmart deem to be the deal of the week.

I can see the world to come – the almighty buck has all of us by the balls in a not-so-tenuous death-grip.

Of course, those who do well in this game are obvious masochists – they don’t have the integrity to say ‘no’ and certainly don’t have the self-respect required.

There is a rare slice of existence between being a slave to money and unhappiness – I’ll call this rare land of plenty, “Happiness”, and I think this is where I have set my sails for and what I keep my sights set on.

Other things may directly or indirectly seek to inhibit my journey – most assuredly, I imagine happiness isn’t the same for everybody, and so we’re crossing paths all the time, like a bunch of fools, bungling in an ocean of …


When I find myself slipping from my path, and drifting in to unhappiness, it is inevitable (and has been proven so) that something will shake me, and rouse my spirits again, and I charge back towards my goal, with my vigor renewed and determination doubled!

Someday, I might actually tell you what I’m after. This vague concept will have to do for now.

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