Another March Passes

March ’09 rocked our world and I heartily look forward to April. Guildy will clearly remember early in March I enlightened her about the true nature of March. Winter may be over (well maybe not, judging by the recent coldness) but in the spring thaw all minds turn to the actual year ahead and start to turn things over. In the spring thaw, we ask ourselves, what will we make of this year – what will it make of us? We ponder what we will do differently.

I myself have several plans for the year ahead.

Also, I think I will have to renege on the pact. I think it was an infantile response to an infantile fight. I’d call it an argument, or disagreement, but those words are too nice for what went down.

Last Sunday we had a rather pleasant evening, though I have to say I think I was rather abrasive and the neighbors downstairs must have appreciated my habit of stomping my foot on the floor when I’m having a good time. Thanks to Guildy for hosting the evening, which was a very excellent Fakesgiving.

Striker and I beat Resident Evil 5 last weekend as well, which, I have to say, is one of the funnest games I’ve played in recent memory. I think the old style of Resident Evil games is dead, but this new style definitely addresses the new arcs that the storyline has to take. It’s the kind of dangerous world that the first 3 games eluded to, and while the fourth game definitely seemed like it was way out there, Resident Evil 5 brings it back in line, and ties it securely in place with the rest of the series.

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  1. Wudan says:

    Also, Resident Evil 5 would be way better if I could use a friggin WiiMote! The joy of Resident Evil 4 was the WiiMote and the natural extension of the game’s run and shoot mechanism – the game felt like it was friggin made for the Wii in the first place.

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