The Weekend II

Highlights from this weekend:
– Oral Surgery went well, Wisdom teeth gone, no crazy bleeding / zombie like-ness. I still have moments of poor coordination but I think that’s mostly because I haven’t eaten really good solid food in a while now.
– Jamba Juice is still good when you eat it with a spoon.
– Peanut Butter and Banana shakes from Arctic Circle are awesome. So awesome, that when I picked up the cup to empty it I spilled a lot on my shirt.
– BBQ: cleaned up Sukie’s Grill. It’s a lot fancier than my grill, being both Stainless Steel and Propane.
– BBQ: picked up a Coal ‘Caddy’ which I swear you could just use a garbage can for this. It’s just a plastic bin for your coals. However, after 6 years of grilling I can tell you that I think coals go stale when exposed to air. And it’ll be cool to have a place to put my coals.
– BBQ: Now that we have two grills, it heightens the need for an outdoor eating / lounging area. Time to start planning and sketching.
– Leftover from last week: A highlight I forgot to mention, Striker’s proposal of ‘Mega-Yard’ should he rent the house next door. It was hilarious.
– PS3: Finished Modern Warfare 2. The ending was insane. I actually finished it on Thursday but played many levels over again during the weekend looking for Enemy Intel items scattered throughout the game. Strange though, but I don’t know if you actually get any kind of bonus stuff for collecting them, and after finishing the game, it is also strange there’s no cutscene replay option. It’s actually pretty disappointing. Now that the two heads of that studio have been fired, I can’t imagine you can expect much from the series.
– Sleeping: slept from about 7am til 1pm on Sunday. I have no idea what happened but they tell me it’s exhaustion. But I did get up with Pepper from like 3:30am til 7:00am.

It’s strange when nobody comes over all weekend and your parents are out of town. It was like I was on an island.

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3 Responses to The Weekend II

  1. Shinobi says:

    have you tested out the new grill yet?

  2. sukie says:

    Yes! You guys should come over sometime this week and we can “test” it out again.

  3. Jason says:

    Andrea’s grill is electric, and definitively NOT fancier than my charcoal grill. 🙂

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