The Weekend III: No Pain Something Something

I have to apologize from breaking from my Weekend format: it was a brutal weekend.

My weekend started last Thursday, so my Thursday night was all about the baby, and this led to me being sleepy all day Friday. I actually did nap for about an hour or two with the baby, as well as dozing off while trying to care for the children. I was running well in the red but Shinobi, Guildilocks, and Shinobi’s father were working on some posh new floor for the living room and dining area. Since I’ve been on the receiving end of people helping me out with stuff at my house on so many occasions, the occasion called for some old fashioned karmic payback.

Wow though, that first night I was just useless mostly. I guess I helped some but at one point I was falling asleep on the bit of floor we’d already put down. As extreme fatigue set in it was hard to stand up from a sitting position and I left around 2:30 am, we’d made it half-way through the living room. That’s the lesson here: wide planks go down fast – and skinny planks go down slow. Technically they go down at the same speed, but you have to do more when they are skinny. The laminate used in this install is a nice thick laminate with the foam sub-floor on the bottom of the board already.

Well, home and talking with Sukie (she talked to me on the drive home and I’d worked myself up a bit so I wouldn’t fall asleep on the drive home – but it was a pretty scary prospect of falling asleep so I was ready to just get a power-nap in the car) and I was asleep around 3:30 or so (? though I remember feeding the baby so maybe It was like 4:30), and slept til about 9:30 or 10am on Saturday. I was freaking out that the floor just wouldn’t get done and Sukie drove me over there (her dad had come over to watch the baby) and it was a very long day but I was better rested and able to work on the floor a lot more. We finished up the living room (more or less), traveled to home depot to check on quarter-inch round (to cover the gap between the floor and the wall), we had to go through the landing area. Word to the wise, kids; when you have to cut EVERY piece of flooring just to put it down, it is a painful process. We had to recut one peice four times, then, when we were knocking it in to place, I noticed some chipping on the top part of the laminate, so we had to cut a whole new piece. That piece alone was probably like an hour of the day. Well, the good news is the quarter-round worked, so we bought that, made it through the landing, and split up and cut molding and worked on the floor at the same time. That was probably a really good idea, the molding when fast and we didn’t have to re-cut many pieces at all. Did I mention the weather was really nice that day? Sunny, but with a nice chill to the air that made working that day go much nicer than it would have if we had typical July weather.

With a floor you get all kinds of nice areas that you don’t normally think about – strange corners and transitions and stair pieces: you don’t notice it til you have to figure out a way to make it look pretty. Well, we did a great job, with some of the finest work I’ve turned in on a home improvement project. I finally went home at 4:00am. I was dead tired, and it was 99.9% complete.

On Sunday we went and bought a lot of fireworks. It is the first time I’ve let Sukie buy as many as she wants. I partially blame the fatigue. We also marvelled at the bulk foods section at WinCo.

We went to my sister’s house for a BBQ – my niece has turned 1 year old.

We went home and fed the baby, and then headed over to Guildy and Shinobi’s – we debated on bringing our fireworks but it is a good thing we did because their other friend did not bring his fireworks and that would have completely ruined the Fourth of July.

So the next day I was completely determined to do absolutely nothing and enjoy my last day of the weekend that had 4 days, but Amy’s friend came over to work on Amy’s dad’s car, so I helped out with that and it burned up a large chunk of the day.

A lot of long hours this weekend, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

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3 Responses to The Weekend III: No Pain Something Something

  1. sukie says:

    You are A W E S O M E!!!! Just plain and simple as that.

  2. Shinobi says:

    Definitely awesome!!! Your help was very much appreciated!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Totally AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for helping with the floor!!!

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