Ok, so Sukie is hosting Meryl’s bachelorette party tonight, so that leaves me and Mighty Dragon Number 7 out on the town for the night. Our stop? Good ole’ grandma’s house for some fun-loving video game action.

To be honest, I know that after about an hour or two I’ll want to see Sukie and go hang out, but I’ll try to stay strong.

Remember how Dax got me Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4? Well, Mighty Dragon Number 7 is just cwazy about it. First thing when he gets home from Daycare, he washes his hands, munches on a snack and demands that we play Tony Hawk.

Hey, he’s my son damnit, and if he wants to play a video game, then we’s a’ gonna’ get our game on’. I can only imagine what Sukie must think when she comes through the door to find the both of us playing that game …

I’m hoping that theorb77 remembers to bring his computer this weekend 🙂

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all and I was going nuts so I hopped on to this here ‘net thang to play some Diablo 2, which I’ve had a hankering for. My old characters are dead and gone (again!) so I had to start anew the other day. I’ve done Barb’s Amazons, Necros, Paladins, Sorcs, Druids, but I never really like Assassin. But I figured I’d play an assassin for a while and see how I like it.

I hit a bit of a brickwall, up until I dumped the short sword (hey, it was RARE) and opted my way in to some hatchet-hands. Those were working great, and then I splurged on 2 ‘Cestus’s which do like 5x the damage. I’m not quite the killing machine I want to be, but I’m doing all right 🙂

Happy Hunting!

ps – I’m gonna miss my Sukie! Have fun though!

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