The weekend went off well, I’d say. We didn’t get to travel south to Nephi or Mills on Monday, but oh well, we can probably make the trip some other time.

If I recall, I got Resident Evil Zero on … last Thusday night? Then, I think on Saturday, I got Resident Evil, and yesterday I got Resident Evil again, from Dax (which we took back to the local GameStop and traded in for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played a skateboarding game folks.

Sukie spent about 20 minutes customizing her own skater, then about 10 minutes playing, and decided she didn’t want to play anymore. 🙁

Well, at least she tried.

She also tried to take on the original Resident Evil, which is where it all started. I’ll warrant you that the controls can be tough, but I think that the controls are exactly what they need to be – they aren’t overtly frustrating, and mastery of them gives you the edge you need to survive the horror.

We learned from Dax that she really shouldn’t have tried to fight that first zombie, instead running him back to Barry and having good ol’ Bar’ dust him off.

I didn’t remember that tidbit, nor did I remember how hard the original Resident Evil is – I think she’d be more comfortable with Resident Evil Zero, which has actually been a bit of a cakewalk so far (which really isn’t that far).

I haven’t heard from theorb77 if we’re going camping this weekend or not, so I’m guessing not. That’s fine, if not, because that’ll mean that theorb77, Dax, and myself can go on a cwazy cwazy D2 outing, or maybe play some of my JA mod, if they’re game for it.

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