Ok, so it’s been a few days. Sukie and I are getting along great, we should be getting a car sometime next week. A new one. Sukie’s excited.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of programming lately. And I’ve been ignoring my schoolwork until the last second. But, yeah, only 2 weeks left. Then it’s a week off, and then back in the mix again. Statistics is especially frustrating, since there seem to be huge gaps in the teaching. I spent two hours scratching my head about where they were pulling values from, when it turns out they were using a table in the back of the book. FRUSTRATING.

Anyway, Sukie went apeshit on the kitchen. It’s really looking good. I cleaned the living room, which we’re going to rearrange soon anyway.

Theorb called, he’s coming over. Cool. I was afraid I’d upset him recently since he’s seemed so distant lately. Then again, he’s got a ton of stuff to worry about right now.

I really liked programming, especially since I got a lot done.

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