Ok, theorb wants a play by play of paintball. But first, let me tell you about his visit to my house last Saturday night.

He brought Antigone’s younger brother over to visit and play some games and we were chilling in my living room. To set the stage for disaster and anger, let me describe the scene to you:

theorb is sitting in the middle of the couch, I’m just to his right. Antig’s younger brother is sitting on the ground to the left of theorb. theorb, trying to be entertaining (since the brother and I were both getting bored) decides he’s going to spice things up.

He turns his head towards me.

“Want to see something cool?” he asks me.

I opened my mouth to say, “Sure,” but I never make it that far.

The next thing I know, my coffee table is sent flying in the air at least 2 feet of the ground. Drinks, and a newly acquired Where’s Waldo puzzle are sent in the air, because they were on the (now) airborne coffee table. Drinks spill on the ground.

I say something to the effect of, “What the hell are you doing!?” I freaked out a little. To his credit, theorb cleaned up the spillage and whatnot, but he was freaked out a bit, as was the brother.

It turns out, it all happened because theorb has girly reflexes. The brother grabbed his leg as a funny gesture, which caused theorb to spaz out and send the coffee table flying through the air, which caused me to spiral out of control.

So really, the whole thing was pretty damn funny – like an Incredible Machine, idiot style. (For my part, I initially freaked out because, to my perception, the ‘something cool’ he was going to show me was that he could send my coffee table flying through the air with his foot.)

Paintball play by play later. Maybe.

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