The blogging hit parade continues. So, today this post comes to you from my Mac. I’ve finally admitted ownership of it. It’s cool, and at work, it gives me access to vital UNIX commands.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Antigone. Theorb77 tells me that he and Antigone are moving down to the SL Valley at the start of October. That sounds fantastic!

Oh, and that reminds me – Theorb and I had a fun little fight. The sprinklers were on at Antigone’s parent’s house and Sukie had the idea that we should take this towel that Antig’s brother had and find a way to toss it at Theorb. So, Antig’s bro told Theorb to come outside and say goodbye to us since we were leaving. I chased him down and tossed it at him, and Sukie had the getaway vehicle prepped and ready to go.

So, there I was, prepared to jump in to the car and Sukie was bringing the car up. Theorb had the weapon in his possession and was closing in kinda fast. So, Sukie drove RIGHT past! Theorb had a pretty clear shot and he did get me 🙁

Sukie and I have been having water fights almost every day – it’s just crazy how many water fights we’ve been having lately. I think we’ve chilled out about them finally.

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