In what can only be described as a Blogging miracle, this will be my 4th post in 3 days. Wowzers.

Anyway, enough about blogging for blogging sakes. Last night my good buddy Striker came over. I was sleeping off a headache when he came over but he, Sukie, and myself stayed up pretty late watching stuff my TiVo had caught.

Since I had a good long nap earlier, when it was time to retire for the evening, I wasn’t sleepy – So I cracked open the Mac and set up shop in the kitchen – writing code.

I learned a few cool things that’ll make porting my Mac code to Windows super easy, and I really had fun writing the code. I really enjoy coding and it sucks that it’ll take me a while to get my skills to the level where I can do it professionally.

But it’s cool. I did some grassy terrain stuff the other day and my boy said it looked REAL. He was seriously in some kinda shock or something 🙂

Love the boy, love my wife, love to write code 🙂

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