Whew, what a week it’s been. Sukie’s at a new job, I’m at a new location, doing, for a change, local administration instead of remote administration. All this hands-on access, combined with working with such talented people, has inspired me to seek out some additional certifications. Well, that, and finish up school 🙂

The day I had at work last Wednesday was making me feel less leet than ever, I was just being overwhelmed, and I realized that stress makes me lose, like … 100 IQ points, bringing me down to like … 135 or something. I was seriously stressing it, and then I remembered, I am leet – I taught myself to write computer programs. (You have to learn Computers!) So I’ve been reading a networking primer to refresh myself, and sharpen my skills.

Things are going well, I suppose.

Today I BBQ’d for the first time this season, the burgers came out ok, it took forever for the coals to get hot enough though 🙁 I only ate a single burger, too.

I’ve been getting skinnier by eating smaller portions and avoiding fattier foods, and it’s starting to really show. To this end I will be eating turkey and swiss sandwiches for dinner instead of eating Arby’s or BK or somesuch.

Oh well, happy blogging 🙂

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