Ok kids, today was a hum-dinger.

I got another free download on iTunes today, and so I used my two remaining iTunes downloads on Amon Tobin’s El Cargo (from the Splinter Cell 3 soundtrack), and Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds. Both are from albums that I am intent on owning ASAP anyway 🙂 I also bought the Bad Cartridge Remix of Beck’s E-Pro, by Paza of The X-Dump. It’s a catchy tune and I was feeling saucy so I bought it.

What can I say, I’ve almost got enough good stock to make a nice little CD for myself. Well, that and I obtained some Minibosses from this thing called the Internets.

Stuff is funnier when it’s plural – I guess my Mormon ancestors were on to something!

Hate-mongering aside, today was a rough day. As Jabba put it, ‘I don’t think it’s spring.’ So, like, my mom needed a jump at 11am, shortly before I need to get Jabba to school. I was in the middle of making a before-school snack (the boy just ate and ate today!) and my mom called and said she needed a jump. I had only a vague idea of where my cables were so I called up theorb77 and got his voicemail. Well, I wasn’t about to let my mom get stuck out there, other people have always helped me out when I’m stuck in a jam, so I mobilized the fleet, found my damn jumper cables and scooted my ass to the ‘sphault with Jabba en tow!

I arrived on the scene to find a cold and worried Canoe (my mommy), and hooked up those cables and got to it. Well, the car started and I drove with her back to her house and woke up poor Dax with loud knocking. Then I took Jabba to school, he was just a tiny fraction of a minute late. I checked back at the house to see if Sukie was home for lunch and she was, and I’m always glad to see Sukie. She’s my whole goddamn world, yo.

Then I scooted back over to the Auto-Zonezz where my mom and Dax were waiting for me (I hope not too long!) and they said to hit up the Wally WOrld for some quality Car Care. Ok, so they were gonna fix it, and I thought it might take HOURS and Dax had to get to work, so while we were at the Wendys we were formulating how it all was going to go down. It was possible to get Dax to work if the car wasn’t done in time if we enlisted theorb77 to our cause, but I’d already spoken to him earlier and he was less than sympathetic to our cause.

Which reminds me, theorb77, I’m reasonably upset with you.

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