I give you David Duchovny’s blog. Oh sure, he may not have the absolut geeky charm of Zack Braff, but do I need to remind you that David Duchovny is not just steeped in geek culture, he is one of the Gods of the Geek Pantheon.

Well, nuff about that. Work, though I rarely mention it, has been going well. I’ve been learning tons.

The bad part about work is that I go for days at a time without seeing my wife πŸ™

Jabba’s been sick, but he’s on the mend. Yesterday he woke up furiously hungry, which is a good sign. Today he’s good enough to run some errands with me.

So last night I almost lapsed and bought that Willie Nelson song off of iTunes … today I probably will. Or maybe I’ll track down some Amon Tobin πŸ™‚

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