Sukie’s Hobby

So I took some time to flesh out my blog-links on the sidebar there. I took the time to write up interesting descriptions of each link, so be sure to move your mouse over them for a few seconds (hehe, I said mouseover in my head. If you laughed, you’re a geek.)

So we’re at the fish store last night, because they were holding some Bettas for my wife, and they had two really cool looking ones. I thought the big one was cool, and the smaller one had a split-ish tail (betta officianados would say it isn’t a split tail, so I’m told.) Sukie wanted to get both, and despite a previously agreed upon price, she got them anyway. She totally said I could have her bitchin’ 17 inch LCD monitor (which has yet to be christened, as we’re awaiting delivery of Sukie’s PC,) but I opted to get coffee.

A hot coffee. Well, it was cold, really. But at least I’ll get those sweeeeet Google crawlers all up ons. So anyway, the last several posts have been rather bizarre, but well commented. Bravo!

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