Bettas and Betas

Ah, Sukie’s fish (my favorite one, General) is getting better. It brings warm feelings to my heart.

On Friday I released a new version of an animation tool I’ve been writing, dubbed Dragon. I figured out how to add icons to GLFW-handled apps and did some other cool stuff, and wound up with what I thought was a really solid release candidate.

Since Dragon is in Open Beta, I released it upon the world, only to find out that there were some really stupid bugs in there. That’s why it’s in Beta – Beta means that it’s likely to have world-ending bugs in there.

I digress, I was not pleased with the bugs, so I squashed them all, even the women children. One of the things I am proud of is how well I have learned C++, which most people agree is the most powerful non-Assembly language. Ultimately, I’d be really happy writing C++ for a living (or so I think) because I really enjoy writing elegant solutions for complex problems.

Well, that post wasn’t really that interesting – but here’s something that is:

The old vampire from Underworld is the old rocker from Love Actually. I didn’t realize that when I watched Love Actually, but if you’ve seen it, and then see Underworld, you can’t help but laugh when the old vampire talks – it’s hilarious! I saw the director’s cut of Underworld, and I didn’t notice that they added too much (the movie did seem less blue to me – if the director didn’t add all the blue, who the heck did? This of course, could have been the screen, and not the film.)

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