Tormentor TheOrb77

So, theorb77 says, “I’d like to play some Diablo II. Let’s play some.”

I say, “Sure, I’ll play some.” That was like 3 or 4 weeks ago. He’s like a level 17 Barbarian named PukeFace or something. I’ve been spoonfeeding the bastard the better part of his Sigon’s set. But he’s AWOL. The rat bastard ditched me, installed Kubuntu, and hasn’t been able to get his Diablo II to cooperate with WINE.

Me? I’ve got a Level 40 Sorceress named WudanAbsolut and a level 12 Barbarian named ThorAbsolut. I’ve been taking breaks from Diablo II to play WarCraft III, since I’ve recently dumped the human race and moved on to necrophilia (ie, I play the ‘undead’ race now.) I’d been playing against really cheap computer opponents when I decided to kick it up and play against a Normal computer at full health. I whomped him, huzzah.

So like, yeah, this is the lamest damn post ever.

At least I did my chores around the house and ate some delicious oatmeal, which is my food of choice, as of late.

EDIT: Theorb is really pathetic.

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  1. theorb77 says:

    Theorb has Diablo II running under cedega.

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