Higher Fidelity

I got my new headphones today. Everything else has been downhill.

Work has been murder, playing telephone with your superiors is just BS. I don’t ever talk about my work here (hardly ever), but today just sucks. I could trade this job in for one that gives me two whole fucking weekend days with my wife and five fabulous nights a week. Do you comprehend how much time that is with my loved ones?

Ok, so how to get somewhere else. It occured to me today that getting somewhere else starts with finishing my education. 2 goddamn tests. Fine, I’ll do it. I can picture about a dozen scenarios, even of them as likely as the next, as to how things are going to turn out here, and I don’t like any of them. At the very least my headphones drown out the rest of the world.

Oh me.

So my son is wearing eyepatches again, not fulltime this time around, but for 6 hours a day, which isn’t too bad.

The first day we were going to put them on, I almost didn’t. He’s just too goddamn cute to wear an eyepatch. It’s amazing how straight his eyes are now, though, and once the tan line goes away he’ll be drop dead gorgeous, a real lady killer. He may have to change his name, though.

I am goddamn addicted to oatmeal, it’s clearly the best goddamn food in the world, half the food I consume is oatmeal. They say it’s really good for your heart and skin or something. I just think it’s really good.

Here, at work, surrounded by all this goddamn technology, looking at the Quaker Oats guy, I think he may be on to something. Either that, or he’s saying, “You’re gonna by my oatmeal!”

My superior, who’s a cool guy, was watching an episode of Deadwood during his lunch. So, the F* word is kinda stuck in my brain right now.

I *will* go to the gym tomorrow. And I swear to Jeebus I’m gonna leave 5 pounds there, for Jimmy’s sakes.

I’m mad as goddamn hell, and I’m f*ing tired of the bullshit in my life.

I’m pretty sure if you googled that last line you’d probably get mostly blogs. People blog about their lives, most of them are about life, aren’t they?

I get it, and I’m done. Blogging.

For tonight.

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  1. Antigone says:

    You could trade jobs with Theorb. He’d rather have time alone vs time with his loved ones. I know this. I think it’s an anxiety issue.

    As for the oatmeal, being healthy for you and all, you should still get more of a variety of food in there. You know, in the name of health and all.

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